Market Pulse employs many people in New Zealand to conduct our fieldwork. Some of our field-team work casual hours which fit into their lifestyle or around an existing job to earn an extra income, but many make this their full-time job and career.  Either way, you can enjoy a fulfilling role which requires you to get out and about. 

Field Sales Representative (FSR)

Field Sales Representatives are typically a full-time role and work exclusively for one our clients.  You will be responsible for being ‘the face’ of our client’s brand, and training or promoting its products to staff and consumers in-store.  You’ll also typically have responsibility for ensuring the brand space is well merchandised and presented. 

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Merchandisers typically have a regular routine which involves visiting stores to update point of sale and marketing promotions, and ensure inventory levels are well maintained.  This is a casual role which provides people with a supplementary income on a regular basis. 

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