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Market Pulse employees thousands of people in Australasia, South East Asia and South Africa to conduct our field work.  Most of our field team work casual hours which fit into their lifestyle or around an existing job to earn an extra income, but some make this their full-time job and career.  Either way, you can enjoy a fulfilling role which requires you to get out and about.  The core skills we require from you are reliability, accuracy, and a keen sense of observation.  If this sounds like you keep reading…

Mystery shopper

As a Mystery Shopper you choose what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how much you want to do. Work is typically allocated on a local basis, but you can also pick up assignments while you are travelling! Mystery Shopping is a form of research which tests the quality and performance in-store sales staff and their customer service. You’ll be required to follow a brief which involves shopping in one of our clients stores and then recording your experience using our online survey or mobile app. You’ll be compensated with either a cash payment, a wage, a purchase discount or a reimbursement.

Become a Mystery Shopper


As an Auditor you will receive training and work on a more regular basis.  The key difference to Mystery Shopping is that you undertake your field work openly and transparently by declaring to the shop manager/owner that you are here to conduct an audit.  Your primary task is to observe and record the shops compliance to key company procedures and processes (such as branding, promotions, planogram layouts, and safety).  You will be required to have access to a tablet (e.g. Samsung 2 or later model, ipad air/4 or later model).  You’ll be compensated by a wage.

Become an Auditor

Field Sales Representative (FSR)

Field Sales Representatives are typically a full-time role, and work exclusively for one our clients.  You will be responsible for being ‘the face’ of our client’s brand, and training or promoting its products to staff and consumers in-store.  You’ll also typically have responsibility for ensuring the brand space is well merchandised and presented.   You’ll be compensated by a wage.

Become a FSR


Merchandisers typically have a regular routine which involves visiting stores to update point of sale and marketing promotions, and ensure inventory levels are well maintained.  This is a casual role which provides people with a supplementary income on a regular basis.   You’ll be compensated by a wage.

Become a Merchandiser