Field Marketing

Field marketing directly impacts your customers’ in-store brand experience, and can be very powerful and persuasive.  It includes experiential marketing, demonstrations, sampling, promotions, merchandising, auditing, and training for in-store sales associates.  Field marketing provides the opportunity to interact directly with customers and influence their brand experience and buying behaviour.

Our Field Marketing Products

Product Purpose What is it? Benefits
Field Marketing To drive sales by winning the hearts and minds of in-store sales associates, and building brand awareness with consumers A specialist field team trains and motivates in-store sales associates, and promotes your brand in-store to customers
  • In-store staff are regularly observed in action and trained
  • Direct engagement with your customers
Merchandising To drive sales and build brand equity through excellent in-store execution A specialist field team regularly audits and implements in-store planograms and promotions
  • High level of brand compliance, by ensuring your POS and promotional product is in place in all locations, and pricing is correct
  • A fully outsourced solution, which saves you the distraction of managing a large field team

Customer Experience

Every interaction your customer has with your brand along their customer journey (from research through to repeat purchase) impacts their customer experience at a physical, emotional and sensorial level.  Customer experience management is consciously seeking to improve your performance at each touch point in order to increase your customers overall level of satisfaction.

Our Customer Experience Products

Product Purpose What is it? Benefits
Smart Feedback (Net Promotor Score) Measure customer experience post purchase or event

Quick and easy 6 question survey with a rating score typically completed on a mobile or tablet

  • Real time reporting via mobile, tablet, web
  • A closed loop environment enables you to follow up with unsatisfied customers to remedy their disappointment before they tell others (on social media)



We provide real time reporting for all our Customer Experience products, through the use of online dashboards.  Depending on your requirements we can also provide monthly and quarterly executive summaries, which provide deeper insights and analysis with recommended actions to address the opportunities and issues identified.

On-line program management portal Monthly / Quarterly reporting
  • Fully customizable reporting dashboard
  • Single user log-on
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Data updated “live” - results available immediately following survey upload and QA process
  • Database management
  • Integrated reporting portal for different products/services, including the importation of other internal client data for dashboard based reporting at all levels
  • Insightful analysis and recommendations aimed at improving performance